How to register a British car in Spain

If you have lived in UK and you thinking of bringing your car to Spain, or if you have already brought it here and you want to register it, we help you to carry out all the procedures related to the registration of your British car in Spain.

First you should make a copy of your vehicle document and send it to our email address:
Once we have received the copy, we will send you an estimate with all taxes that you have to pay included so that you can be informed before starting to register your car.

To register a British car in Spain we need to know the reason for its registration, as there is a difference between registering a British car in Spain because of change of residence and a regular car registration. When registering a car because of change of residence we can avoid paying a lot of taxes, whereas with a regular registration we have to pay tax the way every resident of Spain does.
Another thing we have to consider is whether you have a Certificate of Conformity available. If you have that, you will save some money. In case you do not have it, we should make Technical Report of the vehicle /this is a document necessary for going to ITV/MOT Station/. We need this in order to get your Spanish Vehicle Registration document.

It is really important to bring a valid NIE/National Identity Document for Foreigners/, Padron with a license for at least 4 months, ITV paperwork and your V5 logbook.

Ya sabeis si necesitais ayuda solo teneis que dejarnos vuestro teléfono y nos pondremos en contacto con vosotros o a través de nuestros teléfonos de contacto: 96.395.56.55, pagina web .

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