In 2014 new regulations on the Vehicle Transfer Tax were introduced.
According to what they say these are anti-crisis tax collecting regulations which will make us from now on pay any time we sell a car and we are going to make a change of ownership with no regard to the condition of the vehicle or to our relationship to the person who we are selling it to
Let me give you an example if I buy a car older than twelve years and I would like to change the ownership how much do I have to pay in transfer tax?
Everything depends on the capacity of engine of the car when it is twelve or more years old.
For instance for a Peugeot 206, 1400cc from 2000
This vehicle will pay 40 Euros transfer tax even if you sell it to your son and you put the price of 200 Euros.
In this case for better or worst the amount of the contract of sale doesn’t matter and a fixed amount of tax should be paid so that the change of ownership will be may turn out to be more expensive in most cases.
Let’s imagine that I would like to buy a car of a higher class, but similar age.
Is the change of ownership going to be more expensive?
Apparently all of us think that this is going to cost a lot of money, but the reality is different.
Nowadays to change the ownership of a car of a higher performance cost us the same as the purchase of another type of vehicle of lower category .

It makes no difference if you have 5000 Euros or 200 Euros for it. 

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